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    « Home (Australia): DNA tags for Queensland’s future child criminals reports on the gathering of children’s DNA in Australia.

    Police have taken DNA samples from almost 1300 children earmarked as the next generation of criminals.

    Figures obtained by The Sunday Mail under Right to Information legislation have revealed that in less than five years, police have collected DNA from 1275 children aged between 10 and 16.

    The genetic blueprint may be used to catch them if they reoffend – a likelihood for more than half of juveniles, according to research.

    Under state legislation, a DNA sample can be taken by police officers via a court order if a magistrate is satisfied there is reasonable suspicion of an offence. […]

    Police say DNA has become a vital crime-fighting tool and helps speed up clean-up rates.

    But civil libertarians have accused the police and State Government of giving up on Queensland’s youth and focusing more on convictions than on rehabilitation.

    Civil Liberties Australia chief executive Bill Rowlings said it was an infringement of civil rights because, while the law ensured a child’s criminal record was not carried through into adulthood, it would not stop their DNA remaining in criminal databases indefinitely.

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    1. Anonymous Says:

      They want to do this do my sons, what are their rights? No priors and they said they were being cautioned. I do not give them consent to take my sons 13 and 14 years olds DNA samples.

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