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    New York Times: Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t

    There has been increasing scrutiny on e-mail privacy amid the growing scandal concerning Gen. David Petraeus, who recently resigned as CIA director and revealed an extramarital affair. The New York Times has tips on how to try to protect the privacy of your e-mails:

    [P]rivacy experts say people grossly underestimate how transparent their digital communications have become.

    “What people don’t realize is that hacking and spying went mainstream a decade ago,” said Dan Kaminsky, an Internet security researcher. […]

    Face it: no matter what you are trying to hide in your e-mail in-box or text message folder — be it an extramarital affair or company trade secrets — it is possible that someone will find out. If it involves criminal activity or litigation, the odds increase because the government has search and subpoena powers that can be used to get any and all information, whether it is stored on your computer or, as is more likely these days, stored in the cloud. And lawyers for the other side in a lawsuit can get reams of documents in court-sanctioned discovery.

    Still determined? Thought so. You certainly are not alone, as there are legitimate reasons that people want to keep private all types of information and communications that are not suspicious (like the contents of your will, for example, or a chronic illness). In that case, here are your best shots at hiding the skeletons in your digital closet.


    “Understanding the threat is always the most difficult part of security technology,” said Matthew Blaze, an associate professor of computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania and a security and cryptography specialist. “If they believed the threat to be a government with the ability to get their login records from a service provider, not just their spouse, they might have acted differently.”

     Find out more tips in the full article.

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