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    New York Times: 4 Ways to Keep an iPad Secure and Private

    Here’s something fun for the weekend. If you’ve bought an iPad, the New York Times gives tips on how to protect the privacy of your data on the Apple tablet.

    The iPad is a new and wonderful plaything, but it’s also a mini-computer that holds large amounts of your personal and private information in e-mail messages, contact lists, photos and apps for social networks and other services. And so it’s wise to think about how to keep this private information private should you lose your iPad or leave it unattended for a spell, or if it gets stolen. […]

    Lock your iPad

    This is basic security from prying eyes that’s free and easy. Tap the “Settings” icon on the home screen and then select “General” and “Passcode Lock.” Then set the four-digit code you want to use to unlock your iPad when you turn it on or wake it up. […]

    You could also buy a case with a physical lock on it to keep co-workers, classmates and family members out. […]

    Find or disable a lost or stolen device

    Apple’s MobileMe service has a feature called “Find My iPad” (or iPhone) that can help users locate a lost device.

    Using your computer, sign up for MobileMe and activate the feature by logging into your account and following the on-screen instructions to see the approximate location of your lost property on a map.

    If you discover that you left it at a bar, say, you can remotely set a four-digit passcode and lock it (if you haven’t already) by clicking “Remote Lock.” Then you can write a message that will be displayed on the screen to whoever may have found it — like, “Oops! Left my expensive, coveted iPad at your bar. Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Coming to pick it up now!” — even if it is locked.

    There are more tips. Read the whole story.

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    1. Obi-Wan Says:

      I dont know how they should build in better user account switching in the iPad because you should be able to leave it on the coffee table and let your friends use it when you’re not there WITHOUT gaining access to your private information. Like guest accounts on OSX

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