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    NetworkWorld: States to FTC: Don’t pre-empt our privacy laws with yours

    NetworkWorld reports on 15 states’ attorneys general urging the Federal Trade Commission not to preempt state laws on privacy, which in some cases are stronger than current federal laws:

    The attorneys general of 15 states are telling the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “Don’t Tread on Me” when it comes to writing rules to protect consumer privacy rights online and in mobile software applications and services. These states have warned the FTC not to pre-empt state privacy rules as it develops a federal Privacy Framework for protecting digital privacy.

    The comments from the state AGs are among the 442 public comments filed with the FTC concerning the Policy Framework, all of which were recently combed over and analyzed by the Information Law Group. In recent posts, I’ve discussed what Microsoft’s position on the rules is and how various interest groups for and against the proposal have responded. But the privacy rules debate follows the same rules of every other debate about state versus federal regulation.

    The industries being regulated don’t want to have to sort through 50 different state regulations and would prefer one federal law, though they probably don’t want that either. On the other hand, states that don’t want to have to wait for the lethargic federal government to act have taken the initiative to pass their own rules. […]

    The AGs’ letter points to Massachusetts and California as enacting model legislation to protect consumer privacy, including in the digital arena. California law requires businesses that have data on consumers to “implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature of the information, to protect the personal information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure.” California also enacted the nation’s first notification law that requires businesses to disclose data breaches if consumer data may have been compromised.

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