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    Morris News Service: GBI arrests Ga. cop for running tag info

    We’ve talked before about insiders abusing or misusing their access privileges to violate people’s rights — including an immigration officer in Britain who added his wife to a terrorist watchlist. Now, the Morris News Service reports that a police officer in Georgia has been charged with misusing  his access to a law enforcement database.

    [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] agents arrested Officer Matthew Scott Rogers, 44, on Tuesday on a single charge of criminal of invasion of privacy using a computer. […]

    Rogers used the Georgia Crime Information Center database to run a license plate number for personal reasons, the GBI said.

    GCIC holds background and criminal history information about Georgians that officers can access by checking names or license plate numbers. It is illegal for officers to search through the database unless they are using it for legitimate law enforcement reasons, said Jim Fullington, special agent in charge of the GBI’s Athens office. […]

    Gaissert placed Rogers on administrative leave with pay until the department concludes an internal investigation into Rogers actions.

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