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    More News About Beijing Olympics and Privacy

    USA Today reports more warnings to travelers attending the Beijing Olympics later this year. “National security agencies are warning businesses and federal officials that laptops and e-mail devices taken to the Beijing Olympics are likely to be penetrated by Chinese agents aiming to steal secrets or plant bugs to infiltrate U.S. computer networks.” The Chinese embassy did not respond to requests for comments on this latest story, but the Chinese government will likely deny these threats exist, as it has in the past. I previously blogged about the State Department’s warning to travelers about surveillance in China here and about security and privacy problems connected with the RFID-enabled Olympics tickets here.

    USA Today also reports, “Chinese government and industry use electronic espionage to ‘easily access official and personal computers,’ says one recent report by the Overseas Security Advisory Council, a federally chartered panel comprising security experts from corporations and the State, Commerce and Treasury departments.” The Council’s report also said, “The Chinese government has access to the infrastructure operated by the limited number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and wireless providers operating in China. Wireless access to the Internet in major metropolitan areas is becoming more and more common.”  

    In Congressional testimony (pdf) last year, an official from the office of the Director of National Intelligence said, “China and Russia’s foreign intelligence services are among the most aggressive in collecting against sensitive and protected U.S. targets.”

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