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    Mirror: Simon Cowell discovers bugging device on car

    The Mirror reports that Simon Cowell (a judge on “American Idol”) found a tracking device attached to his car. Considering how easy it is to buy off-the-shelf spyware, I’m surprised there aren’t more instances of this. (Note that a couple of weeks ago, a federal district court halted the sale of one company’s keylogger spyware — software allowing the surreptitious, remote monitoring of another person’s computer — after the Federal Trade Commission alleged (pdf) the company was violating fair trade law.)

    From the Mirror:

    The newly-single X Factor mogul was “completely freaked out” after a sophisticated tracking device was found attached magnetically to the undercarriage of his flash Bentley Continental.

    His full-time security team had the £140,000 motor swept for bugs after Simon noticed that a mysterious biker kept turning up, minutes after he arrived at private meetings. […]

    Earlier this year, a listening bug was found under a table in the judges’ room at Simon’s other ITV hit show, Britain’s Got Talent, after it interfered with the sound and film equipment. Police were called to the venue, Manchester’s Palace Theatre.

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