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    MediaPost Interview with Matthew Wise, CEO of Q Interactive

    MediaPost has an interview with Matthew Wise, CEO of Q Interactive, former senior vice president of account services at Draft, and a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. “Rather than start the debate over whether data is or should be collected, Wise argues here that the argument really should surround data’s proper use.”

    Mr. Wise is against consumers protecting their privacy by deleting cookies or using the “private browsing” settings on Web browsers. He urges the public to assume that data will always be collected on consumers and that they shouldn’t opt-out of this profiling.

    “I hope we will come with a default that the sharing of information is in the best interests of consumers. The debate should be around the right uses of that data and giving consumers the opportunity to block and surf anonymously. But if we have to get consumers every day to say I truly want the information gathered to make things more efficient, no one is going to click on that option. It has to be the other way around,” Wise said.

    I strongly disagree and believe that individuals do not give up their privacy rights merely by opening a Web browser and visiting a Web site. Read my previous posts on datamining to create targeted advertising and privacy in Web browsers.

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