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    MediaPost News: FTC Urges FCC To Consider Behavioral Targeting In Broadband Plan

    MediaPost News reports on comments concerning privacy (PDF) sent by the Federal Trade Commission to the Federal Communications Commission:

    The Federal Communications Commission should consider privacy issues raised by behavioral targeting when it crafts a national broadband plan. That’s according to the Federal Trade Commission, which filed written comments about broadband with the FCC on Friday.

    “A significant number of consumers appear to be particularly concerned about the tracking of their online activities for the purposes of, for example, delivering targeted advertisements. It appears consumers generally maintain these concerns even where the data collected is not personally identifiable,” the FTC said in its 17-page comments.

    Referring to deep-packet inspection, the FTC said that new technology allows providers to “track a consumer’s online activities to deliver targeted advertisements” while also allowing providers to “advantage or disadvantage certain content or applications.”

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