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    Louisiana Becomes 21st State to Reject REAL ID

    Update: Unfortunately, this specific post has been targeted by the spambots, so I need to close the comments. I urge you to make your comment on any other post on the blog — there are many about ID issues.

    Disclosure: I believe the REAL ID Act creates a fundamentally flawed national identification system and the Act should be repealed.

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindall has signed HB 715, “Directs the Department of Public Safety and Corrections not to implement the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.” The new law also requires that the department “report to the governor any attempt by agencies or agents of the United States Department of Homeland Security to secure the implementation of the REAL ID Act through the operations of that division and department.”

    Lousiana becomes the 21st state to pass anti-REAL ID legislation and the 11th state to prohibit implementation of or funds to be spent on the national identification program. Louisiana will not face any immediate sanction from the Department of Homeland Security because the agency has given all 56 states and territories extensions on fulfilling the REAL ID requirements until the end of 2009. That is the deadline for states to “materially comply” with this national ID system or the federal Department of Homeland Security will stop accepting rebellious states’ ID cards for federal purposes, which includes entering federal buildings (such as Social Security offices or courthouses).

    Last month, I discussed Arizona’s opt-out legislation and problems with the REAL ID system.

    24 Responses to “Louisiana Becomes 21st State to Reject REAL ID”

    1. William Rist Says:

      No one in the government, is going to tell millions of veterans, that they cannot access the VA Health Care system, who is entitled to medical and dental benefits, based on refusal to comply with Real ID. The VA Healthcare system is a federal facility according to Real ID. But the VA Hospitals are unaware of this deceptive ID. Without the Military veterans, this country would be in serious trouble. I would suggest those who are in office stop thinking you are in control of the American people. I for one when to war once, I am not afraid to do so again. The government serves the people, not the other way around.

    2. Bait and switch Says:

      If REAL ID only really did what it said, most of its recommendations would be OK if carried out at the State level. But putting DHS permanently in charge of future requirements is like democractically electing a communist candidate: it is the last choice in the process you will have. Say hellow to RFID and biometrics in state IDs, with no state say. Putting AAMVA in charge of the database is also a huge mistake, AAMVA has Canadian and Mexican members. Even if you don’t believe in the SPP stuff, it is too much to put foreign bureaucrats in charge of our driver’s license/national ID card standards.

    3. Louisiana Rejects REAL ID | Think Tank West Says:

      […] Ngo reports and comments on her “Privacy Lives” blog about the passage of a particularly strong anti-REAL ID law […]

    4. Jacques St. Charles Says:

      21 States so far have said NO! Almost half the country. Are the little tin gods in “Homeland Security” so oblivious, they can’t see the writing on the wall?

      Sure – deny half the country the right to fly. The right to enter federal buildings or courthouses. Stop them from collecting Social Security.

      When the economy implodes, and taxes are no longer being turned over to the greed mongers in Washington – perhaps then they’ll realize the folly of their ways.

    5. victor dallar Says:

      i vote a big yes on la. vote. the usa government needs to remember what they are in office to do, work for the people and not the other way around., check it out and join and start sending messages to your voted congressmen, they have to know your comments. if you don’t start complaining you wishes will never be heard.
      from all the money the government collects and they can not balance the budget, the states with sales tax collect everytime someone spends money, what a windfall, and they still can not balance a budget. they all need to be fired, democrates and republicans kick out of office and independants voted in. we need to take our country back, big business, lobyist control this country. vote them out.

    6. Anonymous Says:

      The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Bildeburgers, and numerous others run this country (the world really) folks. Your elected officials answer to them. THE FDA, WHO, past and future Presidents all answer to them. This is about CONTROL people. It is high time that we, AMERICANS, stop laying down for the bullying tactics that are emplyed against us daily. We MUST get educated. They want you poor, they want you relying on them, and Godness knows, they will force the states to do what ‘they’ want to get what they want. Start at the top, follow the money, the relationships between oil, pharmeceutical companies, the FDA, and WHO and all their population control schemes going back to WW1…..they don’t care about you, me, or anyone who is not wealthy. This is about control and they want the whole world….look at the Patriot Act folks…look at it through the eyes of freedom and not the eyes of fear that they have propogated to get YOU to literally give up your rights WITHOUT A FIGHT…look at the Real ID Act closely and figure out WHY they want it so bad….you guys have to look closer. None of this is about one Act or one piece of legislation….it’s about several combined pieces of legislation and what THEY mean together. Remember this…..”Any Government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take all you have away”. Thomas Jefferson They must be stopped and through orgainization and education, it CAN be done.

    7. Adamantane Says:

      My guess is that nobody in DC wants to force a confrontation before the election.

      The hope of those pushing for a national ID system no doubt is that the states will blink first in response to a public outcry about being denied federal benefit access once an actual deadline rolls around, particularly if the present or a new delayed deadline coincides with a politically auspicious moment.

      I’m certain that there will be litigation in the courts at the very moment when and if the deadline passes, maybe under the equal protection clause, and that some federal judge will find herself commanding the federal government to stand down on grounds that one’s individual qualification for federal benefits exists irrespective of the state one happens to reside in. (Presumably a valid passport would qualify one whether they have a REAL-ID compliant Driver’s License or not.)

      It’s refreshing that even while the Congress remains supine, the states are showing a resurgence of vitality and are pushing back.

      It will be particularly amusing if the federal judge who orders the federal government to stand down is one who under normal circumstances would be anything but a defender of states’ rights. Who knows, the 9th and 10th Amendments may end up being resurrected by those on the political left who call themselves liberals.

    8. Don Says:

      Good for Louisiana! Nearly half the States have rejected this draconian legislation.
      Deny us entry to a Federal building? How about we deny you access to our
      money and simply keep it for ourselves. I hope other States will join and
      tell Congress and DHS and the rest of Feds to where to stick their “laws”.

    9. whole2th Says:

      We need to be reminded that REAL ID was the brainchild of the 9/11 OMISSION Commission. The psy-ops control drama, alleged “surprise” attacks of 9/11 fulfilled a number of purposes. 9/11 provided a pretext for invasion/occupation in the Middle East–“Democracy” at gunpoint–Piping Persia for Peace. 9/11 provided ’emergency powers’ justifications for Big Brother wiretapping. 9/11 provided justification for raping our treasury to the benefit of Bushoiltreason crony corporations. 9/11 fulfilled on the Project For A New American Century white paper ‘prophecy’ that it would take a “defining event such as a New Pearl Harbor” for American sentiment to be steered into accepting definintive (final solution) to Mideast-US conflict. 9/11 is the Mother Of All Lies–thermate, iron spherules, WTC7, Bush Saw First Plane, Rumsfeld $2.3 Trillion, Flight 93 Shot Down Over Pennsylvania (per Rummy), over 30 accountants, auditors and budget analysts killed in the Pentagon explosion, Cheney “Of Course the order still stands” (in reply to warnings of incoming Flight 77. Google or YouTube previous phrases for evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. And 9/11 is the basis for chipping us? No way, Hitler Bush! Fascism is here. 9/11 was the inside job coup d’etat. It’s not “our government” but a de facto mob rule acting in the guise of being responsive to We, the People. We, the People have the right and the duty to throw off tyranny! It is time for an upwising. Tell everyone you know that 9/11 was an inside job–and the ones in power are the MASS MURDERERS, THEIVES AND LIARS who and the ROOT OF ALL EVIL in this world. Bilderbergs.

    10. Jana Hill Says:

      Usually I wake up to terrifying news vis the internet. I felt like the last American..
      Now I see that there are many of us alive and taking our American responsibilities seriously.

      GOOD FOR YOU!! Let’s keep writing and working for the real Constitutional America which has been assaulted by our “elected”officials.

      We need to elect ourselves.Right now pharma, oil, and international banking interests determine who runs for office. We are allowed to chose between clowns.

    11. Louisiana becomes 21st state to reject REAL ID. | The Unspun Zone Says:

      […] Louisiana for sticking up for your rights.  Of course, the Federal government will realize it’s failed at implementing it’s […]

    12. Nick Sheedy Says:

      Good for Louisiana and the other 20 states!

      I was amazed when I moved from Oregon to texas and was told I had to give my thumbprint in order to obtain a driver’s license. It is just a matter of time before they ask for a cheek swab and implant a chip. Then goodbye liberty, end hello to having to ask (and pay) for a permit or license do do what we’ve all taken for granted as some basic freedoms. And forget the concept of “civil disobedience”… when you’re swabbed and chipped, you’ll just be locked out of the system.

      On a similar note, even when Laws say one thing, and even when public officials are forced to look at the laws and read what they say, it doesn’t mean the laws are followed…

      I have more than a dozen letters from TSA officials, replying to my inquiries about what LAW requires a private traveler to present photo ID to pass through security and get on a commercial airplane. I asked what I am required to do BY LAW and what specific section of what statute gives the TSA the authority to demand it. The answers were amazing: they just said that Transportation Security Act of 2002 gave the TSA broad powers, did not name any statute or section of US code, and then they said that there is NO LAW that requires me to present photo ID when going through airport security or to board a commercial airline. They even replied that commercial airlines are ONLY required to ASK for photo ID, and that they are NOT required to demand it, and a private passenger is NOT required to present ID at any point. They said there is NO LAW… they said that if you don’t show ID, then the TSA may treat you as a threat, and subject you to additional security screening. But they said it is perfectly acceptable to refuse to show ID if you are willing to accept additional security screening.

      HOWEVER… what I said I would prefer not to show ID at the four airports I’ve gone through this year (Houston, SLC, Boisie and LAX) I was ordered to show my ID, told I was required to show it BY FEDERAL LAW, told that I HAD TO do whatever the federal agents told me to do. I was told that everything I had with me, including my body, was “subject to search and seizure”, and was even told that when I walked into the airport, everything I had with me was no longer in my control, and was actually in control of the TSA. This is what I was told by the TSA agents.

      I was told if I didn’t show my ID “right now”, they would call the police and I would be arrested. When I asked what I would be arrested for… they said for not showing my ID. Now, why would the Federal officers at Houston International Airport call “HPD” (LOCAL POLICE) to arrest me for violating a SUPPOSED FEDERAL LAW??? It is all a bunch of Bull-Crap. It is a boring scam to scare, manipulating and bully the public into submitting to the whims of top-down bureaucratic power.

    13. inDglass Says:

      Haha. I can’t wait to see the government try to turn away people from over 21 states from entering federal buildings.

    14. inDglass Says:

      I especially can’t wait to see them turn away Congressmen and Senators from the Capitol Building for trying to use their state ID’s.

    15. Tim Hutch Says:

      Atta boy, Jindal! Kudos to you for standing up to this Orwellian initiative. I do not reside in your state, but I applaud your courage and conviction. You did the right thing.

    16. Tim Hutch Says:

      Everyone, go to downsizeDC dot org!

    17. Don’t Tread on Mike Says:

      […] LINK […]

    18. JC Garrett Says:

      I’m glad so many states are refusing to play the feds’ games, but it strikes me that the main reason most of these governors and state legislatures are throwing a fit is that the federal government won’t pay for it. They’re simply ticked off that they have to use state money for something that really doesn’t give the states any benefit. That’s a very good reason to be ticked off, but does anybody really think that most of these people have any real concern for the rights and liberties of Americans?

      There are some that do – more in the state governments than in DC. But most of these guys, including Jindal, are more than happy with the privacy violations and Constitutional abuses brought on by the PATRIOT Act, the (laughably ironic and contradictive) Protect America Act, and all the Bush swill that he feeds them. Republican and Democrat alike say “yassah” and “pleessah” whenever a bill written by Cheney flunkies (who think the Constitution is just as “quaint” as they consider the Geneva Conventions) comes before them in Washington. And state governments haven’t made any fuss about their toes being trampled on unless they have to fork over money.

      So, good for ol’ Bobby. I just hope he’s doing it for ALL the right reasons instead of solely because of the dollar signs.

    19. "ER" from Wisconsin Says:

      All of this keep track and control everyone danger goes beyond all of what is discussed above– the radiation frequencies that this info is communicated over is “dangerous” (unbalnacing, “incoherent”) EMF field pollution.
      As of yesteday, another major research facility, came down on cell phone pollution– it is particularly dangerous to kids to hold a cell pone up to their ear, a lot, daily. These waves are all over the aair now, and soon we will be going to HDTV and high powered WI-FI. Incredibly, the elitist bastards who are out to kill us “useless eaters”
      are also frying their own brains ad bodies (too).

      Of course, Blackwater, or Chinese mercenaries could be used to subjugate those 21 States who rejected the Real ID. After all, once we are disposed of, the mercenaries could just be given our homes.

      This is all about population reduction, too– setting up the mechanism to do it, and effecting the reduction, soon.
      I agree that the world IS overpopulated, though. its just that if we need to reverse population growth, it should be done in other, and fairer ways– you know, upfront, and non-surreptitious. And the “elites” should be the first to volunteer to be “disposed of.” Soon there will be no Social Security and Medicare, and the people without the money to live, especially seniors and disabled people, will simply be offered a place to live in a “tent camp” in
      Arizona or New Mexico. THis is all, already, planned– the sites are picked, and the transportation will be a lot nicer than “German railroad boxcars.” But the results will be the same- lots of emmaciated skeletons, free gold from teeth, etc.


    20. Pipe Dreamer Says:

      I wish the governor of Mississippi would grow a pair of nuts and stand against this piece of junk legislation as well.

    21. Ben Franklin Says:

      The Real ID act is an affront to the U.S. Constitution, to our way of life and to free men everywhere. It is just another insidious step towards the enslavement of the American people by our immoral and untrustworthy government. The Department of Homeland Security is a bogus organization, whose purpose is NOT to protect the good citizens of our country from terrorism or foreign enemies! It is rather, another barrier erected to insulate and protect the politically elite in Washington D.C. from the outrage and fury of the longsuffering American people, as they grow ever more provoked by government meddling in their private affairs.

    22. Anonymous Says:

      Please leave the monitoring to foreign, potential terroists.
      “We the People” are supposed to be protected with our Constitution Rights
      intact. With all our great people who serve in the capacity of Police, National
      Guard, our armed forces, it is enough that our country is secure and believe
      in your protection of us.

      We do not need an invasion of our privacy to create terror of our own

    23. True American Says:

      With every passing day since 9/11 what is unfolding in America is a nightmare! Many of our politicians in Washington have sold out to the Devil. They are using the American people as a sacrifice to whatever powers that be who really control this country. The good citizens who care about America need to take a big stand against these insane laws that the politicians have passed and will attempt to pass. If they don’t we will lose all of our democratic freedoms. They have exploited 9/11 for all it’s worth to pass their hidden agenda. Perhaps there was more to 9/11 than what they want us to believe. Wake up America!

    24. Patriots in Boutte Says:

      Jindal did something that buys us a little more time in refusing to bow down to the REAL ID.
      My compliments to the people commenting here on how America is being controlled by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Bilderbergers . There is another website that you need to pass around. It is called Please pass it around. Once you have watched theses videos you will be amazed at not only how much we are being controlled, but how far back in time the manipulation goes. It has opened my eyes. Check it out, pass it to everyone you know and have them do the same. I also agree with the need to support people like RON PAUL. What this man has done to wake this country up in such a short time is amazing. We need to take back control of our country and we need to do it now. Talk to people, every day and tell them we won’t give up. Our forefathers fought for it, and if we don’t fight for it, what legacy do we leave for our children and grandchildren………….WE THE PEOPLE shall prevail once again.