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    Krebs on Security: Card Wash: Card Breaches at Car Washes

    Krebs on Security reports on data security breaches at car washes:

    An investigation into a string of credit card breaches at dozens of car wash locations across the United States illustrates the challenges facing local law enforcement as they seek to connect the dots between cybercrime and local gang activity that increasingly cross multiple domestic and international borders.

    Earlier this month, police in Everett, Massachusetts arrested a local man named Jean Pierre for possessing nine stolen credit cards. The cards themselves weren’t stolen: They were gift cards that had been re-encoded with data from cards that were stolen from a variety of data breaches at merchants, including a Splash Car Wash in Connecticut. How authorities in Massachusetts connected Pierre to a cybercrime at a Connecticut car wash is a mix of odd luck and old-fashioned police work.

    Learn more in Krebs on Security’s full article.

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