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    KARE-11 TV: Allina fires 32 employees over patient privacy violations

    KARE-11 TV in Minnesota reports that Allina hospitals and medical clinics have fired employees over privacy questions. (We have seen numerous allegations of insiders abusing or misusing their access privileges to violate people’s rights. For example, in January, in Tucson, University Medical Center officials fired three employees for violating privacy of patients connected to the shooting rampage of which Jared Loughner is accused.)

    Nearly three dozen employees of Allina Hospitals and clinics were fired after allegedly violating the privacy of patients involved in a recent mass overdose incident.

    Allina confirms that 32 employees were dismissed Thursday for what they termed “a HIPAA violation.” Twenty-eight of them were from Unity Hospital, and four worked at Mercy Hospital

    The employees are accused of looking up electronic medical records of patients treated at Mercy and Unity hospitals after a mass drug overdose in Blaine last March. Eleven people were hospitalized and one died. […]

    “We take our obligation to protect patient privacy very seriously,” said David Kanihan, Allina Director of Marketing and Communications in a released statement.


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