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    IT News (Australia): NSW to add offshore data rules into privacy legislation

    IT News in Australia reports that New South Wales Attorney-General Brad Hazzard is considering new privacy rules for the storing of data offshore:

    The office of NSW Attorney-General Brad Hazzard has confirmed the government’s intentions to update the state’s privacy legislation to make it clear where agencies and healthcare providers stand when it comes to storing data offshore, particularly as part of cloud computing arrangements.

    The NSW Privacy Commissioner, Elizabeth Coombs, finalised her draft code of practice for offshore data hosting and handed it to the Attorney-General in May this year, after a number of aborted attempts by her predecessors. […]

    Hazzard, however, has decided to take the guidance a step further and address the issue of transborder movement of personal data in a new version of the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, which applies to state government bodies and custodians of health data about NSW citizens. […]

    Previously, the State Records Act outlawed the storage of public sector documents outside of NSW altogether, until this was amended with a ‘general authority’ allowing the movement of records into remote cloud environments.

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