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    In the News: Quoted About Do Not Track in Google’s Test Version of Chrome

    Last week, All Things D reported that in its latest test version of its Web browser, Chrome, Google has added Do Not Track support. For more than a year, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Explorer browsers all have had Do Not Track features to give consumers more control over the personal data that is gathered by Web sites or advertisers. I spoke with eWeek about Google’s possible change (DNT was added to a beta version rather than one that has been fully released to the public), how there continue to be privacy questions surrounding voluntary Do Not Track systems, and the need for enforceable government regulations of Do Not Track so that it’s meaningful when a person says, “Do not track me.” Here’s the full eWeek article, “Google Adding ‘Do Not Track’ Into Chrome’s Latest Developer Build.” Also, portions of the interview seem to have been picked up by Techzine in this article, which is in German, “Chrome krijgt eindelijk Do Not Track-functie.”

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