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    IDG News Service: Senior adviser calls for stronger EU data protection laws

    IDG News Service reports on comments about the need to strengthen privacy laws from EU Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx. He was commenting on the European Commission’s recent announcement that it has begun a policy review, which will be combined with the results of a public consultation to revise the EU’s 1995 Data Protection Directive. (The deadline for public comment on the review’s proposals is January 15, 2011. Submissions can be made at the public consultation web site:

    Europe needs strong and effective data protection, the European data protection supervisor said Monday. Responding to the recent European Commission communication on data protection reform, Peter Hustinx underlined the importance of a clear legal framework that harmonizes national data protection legislation, particularly in societies where private information is widely gathered without individuals’ knowledge.

    He also called for a technologically neutral approach, the inclusion of the principles of privacy by design and accountability, and the introduction of a mandatory security breach notification covering all relevant sectors. […]

    The European Commission is currently reviewing its data protection and data retention directives.

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