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    Identity Theft Resource Center Breach Report Total Reaches All-Time High

    The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has released its Breach Report (pdf) and the " total has reached an all-time high. Between January 1st and June 27th, the total number of data breaches recorded by the ITRC is 342, more than 69% greater than the same time period in 2007." The ITRC also notes, " The actual number of breaches is likely even higher, due to underreporting and the fact that some of the breaches reported as a single event actually affected multiple businesses."

    Here’s the fine print on the Breach Report:

    The ITRC Breach database is updated on a daily basis, and published to our website on each Tuesday. These reports only cover breachs that occurred in 2008, or became public in 2008, but were not public in 2007. Each item must be previously published by a solid media source, such as TV, radio, press, etc.

    Read the full report (pdf).

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