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    Houston Chronicle: Pilots say Continental’s pension probe invaded privacy

    The Houston Chronicle reports:

    Two of the nine pilots fired by Continental Airlines in an alleged pension scam say that if Continental believes their divorces were phony, the carrier should tell that to the state court judges who granted the divorces.

    Instead, Eddie Lindsey and Cindy Ernst said in interviews Wednesday with the Houston Chronicle, they were subjected to intrusive investigations under threat of termination during which Continental attorneys asked intimate questions about their marital relations, finances, children and living arrangements.

    The airline alleged in a suit last week that the pilots got divorces so their ex-spouses could collect early pension benefits, then remarried. […]

    The airline terminated Ernst, Lindsey and seven other pilots who failed to meet its unwritten definition of a true divorce, said Joe Ahmad, a Houston employment attorney representing Ernst and Lindsey.

    “Continental is not equipped to make these kinds of decisions about what is a divorce and what isn’t, but it was out there trying to play marriage counselor and do investigations,” Ahmad said.

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