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    Homeland Security Publishes 26 Privacy Impact Assessments, Will Pull Them From Agency Site in September

    Found via Cryptome.

    In two Federal Register notices published on July 15, the Department of Homeland Security’s Privacy Office announced 26 Privacy Impact Assessments for various Homeland Security Programs. Oddly, the Privacy Office announces, "The Privacy Impact Assessments will be available on the DHS Web site until September 15, 2008, after which they may be obtained by contacting the DHS Privacy Office (contact information below)." I have never seen this sort of announcement before. Currently, the agency’s site has PIAs from 2003 (when the Department of Homeland Security was created) through the current month.

    The 26 PIAs are for:

    1. Whole Body Imaging (Transportation Security Administration)
    2. Federal Flight Deck Officer Program (TSA)
    3. REAL-ID Final Rule (DHS-wide)
    4. Personnel Security Activities Management System/Integrated Security Management System Update (DHS-wide)
    5. USCIS Person Centric Query Service Supporting the Verification Information System (Citizenship and Immigration Services)
    6. USCIS Person Centric Query Service Supporting Immigration Status Verifiers of the USCIS National Security and Records Verification Directorate/Verification Division (CIS)
    7. Use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for Border Crossing (Customs and Border Protection)
    8. ICE Pattern Analysis and Information Collection (ICEPIC) (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
    9. Office of Inspector General Investigative Records (Office of Inspector General)
    10. Crew Member Self Defense Training (CMSDT) Program (TSA)
    11. Science and Technology’s Experimental Testing of Project Hostile Intent Technology (Science and Technology)
    12. Protected Repository for the Defense of Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats (S&T)
    13. USCIS Verification Information System Supporting Verification Programs (CIS)
    14. DHS Enterprise e-Recruitment System (DHS-wide)
    15. United States Coast Guard "Biometrics at Sea’" (Coast Guard)
    16. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Land and Sea Final Rule (CBP)
    17. Transportation Worker Identification Credential Program Final Rule (TSA)
    18. Universal Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Security Threat Assessment (TSA)
    19. Visitor Management System (TSA)
    20. Airmen Certificate Vetting Program (TSA)
    21. DHS/UKvisas Project (CIS)
    22. Conversion to 10-Fingerprint Collection for the United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology Program (US-VISIT)
    23. National Infrastructure Coordinating Center INSight Application (National Protection and Programs Directorate)
    24. Boarding Pass Scanning System (TSA)
    25. Enterprise Correspondence Tracking System (ECT) (DHS-wide)
    26. DHSAccessGate System (Management)

    All DHS Privacy Impact Assessments listed are available here (until September 15, 2008).

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