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    Guardian UK: Mobile phone directory suspended

    The Guardian UK reports that a commercial service “which allows connection to millions of mobile phone numbers in an online directory has been suspended, just weeks after it was launched. The 118 800 service, which charges up to £1 to put people in touch with a mobile number from its list, went live in June. Since then it has been deluged with people trying to remove their details from the system.”

    The number of removal requests seem to have overwhelmed the system, as the company has said it will not accept further requests until the service resumes. Until then, “We will not be taking ex-directory requests by phone or text whilst the service is not operational,” the company said.

    “The site had caused concerns about privacy after it emerged it was making available details of 15m mobile phone numbers it had bought from market researchers and list brokers,” the Guardian reports.

    2 Responses to “Guardian UK: Mobile phone directory suspended”

    1. Joe Says:

      Hello, Joe from here.

      Our service on 118 800 and was being tested in June. There are now developments we want to make to improve the service for our customers. But due to the high levels of enquiries we are getting, we are simply not able to complete the technical work required whilst the service is live. We are sorry for inconvenience and will be up and running again as soon as possible.

      Just to reassure you that we’ll never actually give out anyone’s personal details. When you search on, we’ll send an SMS message to the person you’re looking for, giving them your contact details and it is then up to them if they wish to call you back or not.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on


    2. PeteSi Says:

      When is this going live again? im quite looking forward to it have been doing some research and it seems like a pretty good service, read this

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