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    Google Finally Adds Privacy Policy Link to Its Home Page

    After considerable pressure from the public, legislators, and privacy advocates, Google has finally added a link to its privacy policy on its home page. Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience at Google wrote about the change on the Official Google Blog:

    Larry and Sergey told me we could only add this [link to the privacy policy] to the homepage if we took a word away – keeping the "weight" of the homepage unchanged at 28. Given that the new Privacy link fit best with legal disclaimers on the page, I looked to the copyright line. There, we dropped the word "Google" (realizing it was implied, obviously) and added the new privacy link alongside it.

    Google previously refused to add the single word “privacy” to its home page, stating that it wanted to keep “limited text” on its home page.

    In early June, Privacy Lives joined 13 privacy and consumer groups (including EPIC, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, and World Privacy Forum) in urging Google to add a prominent link to its privacy policy on its home page. The groups highlighted that the 2003 California Online Privacy Protection Act sets out regulations for the placement of the privacy policy link, including that the policy must be “located on the homepage or first significant page after entering the Web site.”

    A California lawmaker later told Google that he was "prepared to push for new legislation or seek the state attorney general’s help to force the company to comply with" the California privacy law.

    More coverage of Google’s home page change at New York Times and CNet News.

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