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    Gizmodo: End Of Privacy: City To Track People With Eye Scanners

    Gizmodo reports on privacy problems with a new program in Leon, Mexico, which will place iris scanners in public to track people as they go about their daily lives. (Gizmodo’s analyzing a Fast Company Fast Company.) Supporters of the iris scanning systems compare them to “digital scarlet letters,” which would distinguish criminals from the innocent.

    Imagine a public eye-scanner that can identify 50 people per minute, in motion. Now imagine the government installed these scanner systems all across an entire city. Or don’t imagine it, because it’s already happening, right now.

    Leon, Mexico, is doing exactly that, installing real-time iris scanners from biometrics research and development firm Global Rainmakers Inc. These retinal scanners don’t require people to stop and put their eyes in front of a camera. They work in real time, as people walk […]

    These devices are being installed in public places, like train and bus stations and connected to a database that will track people across the city.

    City officials and proponents of the system are hoping that public retinal scans will stop crime and fraud. […]

    The retinal scanning of Leon’s one million population has started already with its convicted criminals. Citizens with no criminal records have been offered the opportunity to “voluntarily” scan their retinas. This, however, is just the beginning. According to [Jeff Carter, CDO of Global Rainmakers], everyone in the planet should be connected to the iris-tracking system in 10 years.

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    1. Michael Says:

      Imagine if the ones they are looking for are the ones that are checking the cameras…

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