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    FTC Seeks Comment on Additional Proposed Revisions to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

    In September, the Federal Trade Commission sought public comments on proposed amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) Rule, ” which gives parents control over what personal information websites may collect from children under 13.” Now, after reviewing the 350 comments submitted, the FTC has released additional proposed revisions and seeks public comments on the changes:

    The proposed modifications to the definitions of “operator” and “website or online service directed to children” would allocate and clarify the responsibilities under COPPA when third parties such as advertising networks or downloadable software kits (“plug-ins”) collect personal information from users through child-directed websites or services. The Commission proposes to state within the definition of “operator” that personal information is “collected or maintained on behalf of” an operator where it is collected in the interest of, as a representative of, or for the benefit of, the operator. This change would make clear that an operator of a child-directed site or service that chooses to integrate the services of others that collect personal information from its visitors should itself be considered a covered “operator” under the Rule.

    The Commission also proposes to modify the definition of “website or online service directed to children” to:

    1. Clarify that a plug-in or ad network is covered by the Rule when it knows or has reason to know that it is collecting personal information through a child-directed website or online service;
    2. Address the reality that some websites that contain child-oriented content are appealing to both young children and others, including parents. Under the current Rule, these sites must treat all visitors as under 13 years of age. The proposed definition would allow these mixed audience websites to age-screen all visitors in order to provide COPPA’s protections only to users under age 13; and,
    3. Clarify that those child-directed sites or services that knowingly target children under 13 as their primary audience or whose overall content is likely to attract children under age 13 as their primary audience must still treat all users as children.
    Read the FTC’s full notice for more information, including how to submit comments, which are due on Sept. 10.

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