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    Forbes: Did Facebook Break The Law? Senator Asks FTC For Answers

    Forbes reports that Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Facebook’s controversial decision to manipulate its users’ news feeds for research purposes:

    Senator Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) has asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to provide more information about recent reports that Facebook manipulated user news feeds during an emotional manipulation experiment.  In a letter today to the FTC, Warner asked the agency to determine if Facebook broke the law or violated their consent agreement with the FTC.

    Warner also asked the agency to explore the potential ramifications of the experiment, and to consider questions about what, if any, oversight would be appropriate for behavioral studies conducted by social media platforms.  Warner’s inquiry comes on the heels of a legal complaint against Facebook that was filed with the FTC last week.  That complaint alleged that Facebook engaged in deceptive trade practices and violated a 2012 Consent Order entered into with the FTC. […]

    The full text of Warner’s letter is available here.

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