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    Firefox Rejects Privacy Button for Latest Browser Version

    CNet News reports that Mozilla Firefox will not include a feature called "Private Browsing" in its latest version of the popular Web browser. Private Browsing would have allowed a user to push a button to disable the logging of future data during that session.

    The feature, Private Browsing, would have disabled all caching, cookie downloads, history records, and form data used during the current session. In essence, you could surf the Web and leave no fingerprints.

    "It basically said to the browser: I would like what I’m about to do to not be logged anywhere," said Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla’s "human shield," aka its security user interface designer.

    However, Firefox decided against the privacy button because the coding was too complex.

    Note that the current version of Firefox does have another way to protect users’ privacy. Users can go to "Tools" and click on "Clear Private Data." Depending on the settings you choose, this will clear cookies, browsing history, download history, and more. (Cookies collect data about and can track users’ Internet searches and sites visited.)

    You can also choose a different option. Under "Preferences," you can set the browser to "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox." Also, you can always delete your cookies and erase your browsing history manually. And there are "anonymizers" available to assist in more private Web browsing.

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