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    Financial Times: Google bows to EU privacy ruling

    The Financial Times has an interview with Google CEO Larry Page, whose Internet services company recently was ordered by a European court to allow individuals to exercise their “right to be forgotten.” Page announced a new online form that would allow Europeans to submit requests to Google for it to take down certain data on them. The Times reports:

    An online form, available from Friday, will give anyone in Europe an easy way to ask the US company to censor links to other internet sites that they think contain outdated and damaging information about them.

    The company hopes to strike a balance between blocking damaging private information about ordinary Europeans while preserving links to things in the public interest, such as articles about corrupt public officials.

    In a mark of its new stance on Europe, the search company also plans on Friday to announce a committee largely made up of outside experts to hold hearings in Europe and advise it on how to deal with its new privacy responsibilities. […]

    This month’s ECJ ruling amounted to the biggest privacy setback for an American internet company in Europe and exposed a widening transatlantic rift over personal data. It came as Google is struggling against a growing backlash in countries such as Germany and France, from the fallout over the Snowden revelations of US internet surveillance to a backlash over a proposed settlement of its an antitrust case in Brussels.

    Mr Page conceded that the US company had been caught out by the ruling and promised a new level of engagement in Europe over privacy issues. “I wish we’d been more involved in a real debate . . . in Europe,” he said. “That’s one of the things we’ve taken from this, that we’re starting the process of really going and talking to people.”

    Read the full story for more of Page’s thoughts on the privacy ruling by the European court and how it will affect his company and others.

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