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    Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Pledge to Work Together to Protect Consumers

    The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced a memorandum of understanding (pdf) to work together to protect consumers:

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which created the CFPB, requires the CFPB and the FTC to work together to coordinate their enforcement activities and promote consistent regulatory treatment of consumer financial products and services.

    In the MOU, the agencies have supplemented the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act to create a strong and comprehensive framework for coordination and cooperation. Among the points the two agencies have agreed to:

    • meet regularly to coordinate upcoming law enforcement, rulemaking, and other activities;
    • inform the other agency, absent exigent circumstances, prior to initiating an investigation or bringing an enforcement action. This notice will prevent duplicative or conflicting enforcement efforts and undue burdens on industry;
    • consult on rulemaking and guidance initiatives to promote consistency and reflect the experience and expertise of both agencies;
    • cooperate on consumer education efforts to promote consistency of messages and maximum use of resources; and
    • share consumer complaints.

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