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    Federal News Radio: FTC looks at the impact of cloud computing

    Federal News Radio has an interview with Kathryn Ratté, an attorney in the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection of the Federal Trade Commission, that includes a discussion on cloud computing and privacy.

    KR: As you may know, the FTC has jurisdiction over private sector uses of data, generally. So, we look at companies and their data handling practices, rather than other government agencies, which we don’t have the jurisdiction to do.

    Cloud computing is an example of an emerging business model that we’re examining for its impact on consumers. […]

    So, as with many other emerging technologies, we’re just sort of taking a look at cloud computing and trying to see if there are any new issues for consumers.

    FCB: Are there, or have you not figured that out yet?

    KR: We’re still in the exploratory phase here. […]

    FCB: Is there any sort of timeline you can give us? Are you planning on releasing — maybe — official guidance? What’s the overall end result?

    KR: In terms of our exploration of emerging technologies — those are sort of on-going and taking place all the time; however, our look at cloud computing is sort of part of a larger process that we’re undertaking right now with our privacy roundtable.

    We’ve held two public events — one in December and one in January in Berkley, Ca. We’re about to have another one on March 17 here in Washington, D.C. at the FTC, and cloud computing is one of the emerging business models that we’re looking at and trying to see what impact technology might have on consumer privacy.

    So cloud computing is sort of wrapped up in that larger project.

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