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    Experian Ranks Top 25 UK Towns At Risk For Identity Fraud

    Snapshot of ID fraud in London in 2008Credit-monitoring company Experian released a report (pdf) ranking the Top 25 towns and postal sectors in the UK that are at the highest risk for identity fraud. Unsurprisingly, Experian finds, “London remains the identity fraud capital of the UK. Its residents are – on average – almost twice as likely as to fall victim to identity fraud compared to people living in the rest of the UK.”

    When reviewing postal sectors in London, Experian finds, “Residents living in the SW17 6 postal sector, which centres on College Gardens in Tooting, south London, need to be most wary of identity fraud. Residents living in this postal sector are almost fives times more likely than the UK average to become a victim of identity fraud.” Experian also notes, “More than 6,000 victims sought help from Experian’s victims of fraud team during 2007, compared to just over 3,500 in 2006. This represents a 66 per cent increase in identity fraud activity reported to Experian.”

    Identity theft is on the rise in a number of countries. Last year, Australia’s Privacy Commissioner said her office’s survey found one in 10 Australians claimed to be the victim of identity theft. A 2007 Federal Trade Commission report (pdf) estimated 8.3 million victims in 2005 (the last year for which numbers are available). 

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