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    Examiner: D.C. eyes ban on job applicant credit checks

    The Examiner reports that D.C. is considering banning employers from checking the credit of job applicants, with some exceptions.

    District employers would be barred from using a job applicant’s credit history as a factor in determining whether to hire that person under legislation now before the D.C. Council.

    D.C. residents, 12 percent of whom are unemployed, “need a job; they don’t need a credit check,” Ward 1 Councilman Jim Graham said Tuesday. A recent Society for Human Resource Management survey found 47 percent of employers perform credit checks on selected job candidates while 13 percent check all candidates — most often applicants for jobs involving access to money.

    The District joins at least a dozen states to eye a ban on the practice. […]

    The bill prohibits a prospective or current employer from using a consumer report “where any information contained in the report bears on the consumer’s creditworthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity for employment purposes.” There are a handful of exemptions — applicants for managerial, professional or executive positions with a financial institution, for example. […]

    The SHRM survey found that current outstanding judgments, like a lawsuit, accounts in collection, bankruptcy, and a high debt-to-income ratio are most likely to work against a job candidate. The checks often delve seven or more years into a person’s credit history.

    4 Responses to “Examiner: D.C. eyes ban on job applicant credit checks”

    1. Ron Congress Says:

      Please help us expose the corruption and get the word out!

      In survey after survey, including a recent MSNBC survey, more than 90 percent of Americans say that workplace discrimination based upon someone’s personal credit report is wrong and should be illegal. Yet Congress is being bribed by corporate campaign contributors and strong armed by lobbyists to kill the legislation that would make the practice illegal. That is NOT “democracy by the people and for the people.” How can Congress be allowed to thwart the overwhelming will of the people?

      Most Americans don’t even know HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act even exists. What’s more, they don’t know about the corruption and backroom deal making taking place to keep the legislation stalled in the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

      Follow the money and expose the truth:

      Financial Services Committee Members Taking Money to Stall HR3149


      Trans Union:


      Please support our democracy, the overwhelming will of the people and the rights of highly qualified American workers to compete on a level playing field during this horrible economic disaster. Join our team on Facebook at or shoot us an e-mail at: with “sign me up” typed in the subject line.

    2. Katrina Says:

      I absolutely couldn’t agree more with you Ron Congress. So many people I know, including myself, are having this discriminatory practice placed on them in this horrible economy. People have lost way more than just jobs. They’ve lost their homes, their self-respect, & all due to the corporate greed of Big Banks, Wall Street, mortgage lenders, CEO’s, & the list goes on. Then they take more of our money to continue with their dastardly deeds of huge bonuses & golden parachutes, while people have lost their life savings, families, & even their very lives. Suicides are on the rise. This abhorrent practice must be stopped, & only We The People can make that happen by standing united as One Voice, & exposing the truth. It’s been far too long that the Lobbyists, the Credit Bureau PAC monies, & even SHRM have been able allowed to stop this Bill from being passed.

      As few as a short 15 years ago, pulling a credit report on someone for anything other than a mortgage was totally unheard of. But today, it is catastrophically on the rise due to the Credit Bureaus saying businesses can’t make sound judgments without it. So businesses are believing this BS & literally buying something that doesn’t work. A credit report doesn’t speak of one’s character, trustworthiness, or moral ethics. Even during the Oregon State Legislative Hearing in January 2010, a Trans Union Officer made testimony (one of the big three credit bureaus) that there’s no research to substantiate that a personal credit report relates to “trustworthiness” or the making of a good employee. Check out the video of it here: It’s an example of what we’re facing in our pursuit to pass HR3149 in Congress. What people on the other side of the debate don’t get is that employers just DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT to look at YOUR personal PRIVATE credit report. (The reason is quite simple – you’re not asking for credit or borrowing MONEY.) Your personal credit report does NOT belong to your employer, it belongs to YOU!, & you should never be forced to release it to anyone in order to work. It may also be a good indicator to see if & where you attend church, but too bad we demand our right to privacy!

      Granted, by law potential employers have to ask your permission first to pull your report, but so many feel trapped knowing if they say no, they don’t have a chance. Even if you try to explain your circumstances to potential employers, like identity theft, being unemployed, divorce, high medical bills, errors & inaccuracies, & more, they just aren’t taking it into account. There is a bill sitting stalled on the House floor that Rep. Steve Cohen in Tennessee drafted back in July 2009 called H.R. 3149 Equal Employment For All Act. It calls to stop the discriminatory practice of pulling credit reports that are trapping people in a Catch 22, No Job=Bad Credit & Bad Credit=No Job.

      Under the Bill of Rights & the Constitution, they are denying you the right to work. When you deny a well qualified human being the right to work in America– you violate the core principals of justice set down by our founding fathers & prevent millions & millions of Americans from affording food & shelter, the basic requirements to sustain life.

      Way too many Americans are not even aware that this bill exists, but of the ones that are aware, over 90% want it passed now. Thanks to the corruption & the dirty backroom deal making that is going on with the lobbyists, the big 3 credit bureaus PAC money, the politicians, & the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) it’s not being reported even by our “FREE PRESS” as they have them muzzled.

      Help stop this discriminatory practice! It is an election year; about the only time they will listen to the people. Write your Congressmen, Senators, & the President. You can go to & plug in ‘Stop credit check abuse NOW’ in the search window and sign the petition halfway down the page. And if you have EVER in the last 7 years paid a bill late then this affects you and your ability to support your family should you ever need to look for work, be promoted, or need a transfer. If this practice is allowed to continue, just think of where the lobbyists & politicians can head next to stop future generations from ever becoming a successful person in this country, other than the very rich elite.

    3. kelly Says:

      Congress should of never let companies and do credit checks in the first place they should have no rights to peoples credit files and congress needs to ban this in all states now

    4. kelly Says:

      Why is this bill being stalled in congress car insurance companies should not also do a credit on peopke that are trying to get car insurance what is going on in this counrty its just another way for the insurance companies to charge you more for insurance people need to write congress and get this bill thru now

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