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    Events of Interest: Webinar on Medical Apps and Privacy (Oct. 29)

    The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which last month published a report concerning the privacy of individuals’ medical data on health apps, will be hosting a webinar on medical apps and privacy on Oct. 29.  Registration is free (simply e-mail Here’s more:

    Smartphones are ideal tracking tools. People carry them almost everywhere they go, and they rarely turn them off. This capability allows for great consumer tools and benefits. At the same time, smartphones and the apps people download can be highly privacy invasive.

    The mobile app ecosystem is largely unregulated, and people often make the mistake of assuming that an app is developed with privacy in mind.

    Mobile health and fitness apps comprise a significant segment of the app universe.  People use these apps for numerous health-related purposes including weight loss, diabetes management, exercise goals, pregnancy tracking, blood pressure monitoring, and many others. […]

    The webinar will: 

    (1)  define and describe health and fitness apps,
    (2)  explain the privacy risks and pitfalls,
    (3)  offer privacy-protection tips and specific suggestions about how to avoid risky apps, and
    (4)  allow time for questions.


    Beth Givens, Director, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
    Craig Lie Njie, Project Technologist and App Developer

    Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 10 am PST
    Location: Online
    For more information:

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