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    Events of Interest: Southwestern Law School Conference on Online Privacy

    The Biederman Institute at Southwestern Law School is holding its first annual Online Privacy Conference. (NOTE: There is a registration fee and RSVP is required.)

    Panels will include: “The Why and How of Privacy: Why is the threat to privacy important and how does it really affect people’s lives? Where are the newest threats coming from in the ever-changing technological landscape? What are the different philosophical frameworks, including contrasting approaches in the United States versus Europe? What can legal regimes accomplish and not accomplish?” and “Privacy and the Workplace: How have the digital revolution and the proliferation of social networking affected hiring practices, monitoring of workplace activity and employer intrusion into the non-workplace lives of their employees.”

    Date: Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9 am PT
    Location: Biederman Institute at Southwestern Law School, 3050 Wilshire Boulevard; Los Angeles, CA 90010
    For more information:

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