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    Events of Interest: Privacy Symposium – Privacy in Transition (Aug. 18-21)

    "The central theme of this year’s Summer Privacy Symposium is ‘Privacy in Transition’; After four decades of privacy balances, organizational policies, and legal/regulatory systems geared to successive waves of computer and telecommunication applications by businesses and government and then the Net 1.0 environment, many observers believe we have entered a dramatic new information environment.

    This arises from a combination of developments, such as Net 2.0 technology, personal mobile communication devices, the social networking and online self-revelation revolution, an increasingly voyeuristic media and blogger world, continuous data breaches and a global identity theft enterprise, the shrinkage of public-places anonymity, adoption of online behavioral marketing, and concerns over various homeland security surveillance measures.

    How these developments are unfolding, whether they can be handled effectively by adaptations of the 1970 – 2004 privacy systems, or whether democratic nations will need to develop a new privacy framework will be the Symposium’s key issues."

    Date: August 18 – 21, 2008
    Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
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