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    Events of Interest: Privacy and social change on the web (Feb. 1)

    UPDATE: Because of the snowstorm hitting the East Coast, the event has been postponed for a month. Find out more here:

    PhillyNetSquared is hosting an event, “Privacy and social change on the web,” on Tuesday, Feb. 1. From the Web site:

    We’ll have four great speakers touching on several aspects of this issue, including:

    • Hannah Miller, formerly of the Media and Democracy Coalition, on privacy and online organizing for social change. Is it better to push for privacy and anonymity, or transparency and accountability? How do people use social media differently when they have privacy and when they’re aware that they don’t? Which is better for building effective online communities organizing around social change issues?
    • Ivan Boothe, of, on organizing communities in which anonymity is important. How can human rights activists challenging their governments, people targeted with violence because of their identities, or those organizing abuse survivors still engage in blogging and social media?
    • Mario Rodriguez, a doctoral candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication in the area of social network privacy, on how we as individuals and organizations can be aware of the privacy implications of how we use the social web. How can we be smart about the amount of data we allow for-profit companies like Google and Facebook to have access to about our organizations and campaigns? Is “the age of privacy over,” as Mark Zuckerberg has said? Should social advocacy nonprofits take a side in this debate?
    • Andrew Sather, of Jenkins Law Library, on privacy and your organization’s presence on the web. Does our nonprofit website need a privacy policy? What should it be? How can we be smart about how third-party tools such as Google Analytics might impact the privacy of our visitors?

    Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011, at  6:00 p.m.
    Location: Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street; Philadelphia, Pa. AND live online (beginning at 6:30 PM) at
    For more information:

    One Response to “Events of Interest: Privacy and social change on the web (Feb. 1)”

    1. Ivan Boothe Says:

      I’m sorry to say that due to inclement weather here in Philadelphia, we’ve postponed tonight’s event to our next regularly scheduled monthly meeting on March 1. The March event will be webcast live, as described above.

      You can see details about the new event and RSVP if you like here:

      Sorry for the inconvenience!

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