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    European Voice: Vodafone chief calls for internet rules

    The European Voice reports on a discussion of government regulations for the Internet:

    Vittorio Colao, the chief executive of UK-based mobile phone operator Vodafone, has called for global rules for the internet.

    Writing in the comment section of the Financial Times today, Colao backed a call made by Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s prime minister, for greater regulation of the internet.

    Referring to comments made by Sarkozy at a meeting with heads of global hi-tech companies on 25 May in Paris, Colao wrote: “Mr Sarkozy is really right to argue that realising the full potential of the internet will also require an effective legal framework and that self-regulation will not be enough.”

    Colao’s position is at odds with that of some of the chief executives of companies that attended the Paris meeting, including Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, and Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, both of whom stressed the need to avoid regulation of the internet. […]

    Vodafone’s chief executive argued that a legal framework was needed to ensure that consumers and citizens continue to have trust in the internet. […]

    Colao challenged the argument put forward by Zuckerberg that there are “many self-governing mechanisms for building and maintaining trust”, pointing out regular media reports of infringements of individual rights.

    Colao argued that regulation was needed to ensure a level playing-field on the internet between different companies and different national jurisdictions.

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