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    European Voice: European Commission seeks external advice on internet privacy

    The European Voice reports on the European Commission’s discussions about online privacy.

    [Jacqueline Minor, a director in the Commission’s health and consumer protection department,] said that the Commission’s Joint Research Centre had uncovered a “privacy paradox” in that more than 80% of young people were concerned about their data being used without their knowledge on the internet and shared with third parties. But evidence showed they were not using the technology to protect themselves, leaving the regulators with the task of building trust on the internet. 

    More research was needed to examine the types of businesses offering online advertising, how they target consumers and what their impact is on privacy, Minor added.

    Minor said that a stakeholders group might be set up after the Commission finishes “canvassing views from industry, experts and governments. A fact-finding mission would be sent to the UK to discuss the issue with Google and Microsoft and the UK’s regulatory body Ofcom and to the US to discuss the subject with the Federal Trade Commission, which enforces consumer protection and competition policy.”

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