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    ESecurity Planet: Twitter Retools App, Link Policies, Sparks Privacy Worries

    ESecurity Planet reports on an interesting privacy question at Twitter:

    By the end of the year, Twitter plans to roll out its link-shortening service,, across the site, meaning that every Web address shared on Twitter or its third-party applications will be wrapped in that format.

    Twitter’s own link shortener competes with similar services, such as tinyURL and, but boasts a security advantage because it displays part of the original URL. Other shortening services obscure the destination Web address, a feature that scammers have taken advantage of to direct unsuspecting users to malicious sites.

    But as part of the roll-out, Twitter said it will begin logging every link that users click on its site and third-party applications, provoking a fusillade of tweets from users raising questions about the privacy implications of the new feature.

    “Seriously @Twitter the link hijacking plan stinks of Facebook style privacy intrusions,” user @cheezeball73 tweeted.

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