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    EFF: Google Superbowl Ad Explains The Need for Search Privacy

    At the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s blog, Kurt Opsahl writes about privacy and a Super Bowl ad that Google ran on Sunday. (You can see the ad at EFF’s site.)

    Google’s ad during yesterday’s Superbowl explained in less than a minute how the story of someone’s life can be pieced together from their search queries. Using only the search terms and user’s clicks of the search results, Google told the story of a user who seeks love while studying abroad in Paris, finds it, moves to Paris, marries and has a child. […]

    Now that Google has shown how personal its records of user interaction are, it should follow through and protect that information from involuntary disclosure by anonymizing search queries. Microsoft’s Bing is anonymizing this information after six months by deleting the entire Internet Protocol (“IP”) address associated with your search queries. Google can and should anonymize search queries in the same way after six months or less.

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