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    EFF: FBI Intelligence Violations from 2001 – 2008

    I thought I had posted this story from Sunday, but it seems I forgot. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released an in-depth report (pdf) that details violations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that affect individuals’ civil liberties. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, EFF obtained about 2,500 documents that the FBI submitted to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board, which monitors US intelligence-gathering. The group says:

    EFF has uncovered widespread violations stemming from FBI intelligence investigations from 2001 – 2008. In a report released today, EFF documents alarming trends in the Bureau’s intelligence investigation practices, suggesting that FBI intelligence investigations have compromised the civil liberties of American citizens far more frequently, and to a greater extent, than was previously assumed.

    Here’s more from the report;

    The documents released to EFF constitute the most complete picture of post-9/11 FBI intelligence abuses available to the public. Among other findings, EFF’s analysis of the documents shows that, from 2001 to 2008, significant delays occurred in the reporting of FBI violations to the IOB. The analysis also provides new insights into the type and frequency of violations committed by the Bureau. Most violations fell into one of three broad categories: first, FBI failure to comply with oversight guidelines; second, abuse of the FBI’s authority to issue National Security Letters; and, third, the FBI’s failure to carry out investigations within the bounds of the Constitution or other federal statutes governing intelligence-gathering. Finally, EFF’s analysis concludes that the FBI may have committed as many as 40,000 violations in the 10 years since the attacks of 9/11.

    Read the full report (pdf).

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