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    EE Times: More than a third of Android apps host malware

    EE Times reports on new research by UK telecom service BT concerning malware that could affect the security and privacy of data on mobile apps on Android smartphones:

    MIAMI – More than a third of all Google Android applications contain some form of malware, according to tests conducted by BT. A security expert for the U.K. telecom service provider said it expects to test apps for other mobile operating systems and find similar results.

    “We analyzed more than 1,000 Android applications and found a third compromised with some form of active or dormant malware,” said Jill Knesek, head of the global security practice at BT.  “Almost every device is compromised with some kind of malware, although often it’s not clear if that code is active or what it is doing,” she said in a panel discussion at the NetEvents Americas conference here.

    Wayne Rash, a technology journalist moderating the panel, said he was reviewing a Samsung Galaxy S3 handset and found malware in an Android applications provided by Google. […]

    “There’s plenty of anti-malware software available for Android and other mobile operating systems, but companies don’t often insist on using it,” Rash added.

    Malicious code is just one example of the many security vulnerabilities in mobile systems. GPS devices can also be hacked, said Knesek. […]

    Indeed, a U.S. researcher testified before Congress last week about the security holes in civilian GPS. At least a dozen presentations at this week’s Black Hat conference talked about vulnerabilities in mobile systems.

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