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    Edmonton Sun: Family suing Alberta government over alleged privacy breach

    The Edmonton Sun reports on a privacy issue concerning the government in Alberta, Canada:

    Four years of domestic abuse “hell” followed by nearly a decade-long battle to obtain a nationwide name change came crashing down for a Canadian mother and daughter after the Alberta government posted their identities online.

    “Jane” and her daughter “Janet Doe” obtained Unpublished Secure Name Changes more than five years ago and began rebuilding their lives with new connections, re-location and the security of never having to look over their shoulders.

    But all the effort and security went up in flames after a Google search revealed both the old and new identities of the Does were published online in the Alberta Gazette – the official newspaper of the Government of Alberta. […]

    A direct order packaged in a two-page document from the Alberta Courts stipulates the names of the women were to be withheld from all public databases for their own protection. […]

    Now, nearly 19 months later after contacting top Canadian officials, agencies and individual organizations for a settlement, no restitution has been received.

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