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    Editorial: Las Vegas Sun: Protecting right to privacy

    The Las Vegas Sun has an op-ed about privacy and recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s “overcollection” of domestic communications of Americans.

    Although the 9/11 attacks prompted sweeping changes in national security designed to thwart future terrorist events in this country, there remains a fine line between protecting the United States from those threats and violating Americans’ individual freedoms.

    That’s why it was disturbing to read Thursday in The New York Times that the National Security Agency in recent months intercepted domestic e-mail messages and phone calls from Americans on a scale that exceeded legal limits set by Congress last year, unnamed government officials said. […]

    But the Times reported that the extent, if any, to which Americans’ privacy was unlawfully violated remains unknown. […]

    Although the agency plays a crucial role in keeping the U.S. safe from terrorist attacks, it should correct wiretap problems as soon as possible rather than let them fester. The failure to take immediate corrective action creates situations where Americans are unnecessarily targeted.

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