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    Earth Times: Private eyes, unemployed spies make Ukraine no-privacy zone

    Earth Times reports on the state of privacy in Ukraine:

    A person wanting some privacy has little place to hide in Ukraine, especially if someone with cash decides to start snooping, security industry professionals say. […]

    Ukraine’s constitution is modeled on West European models, clearly defending individuals’ data from prying by their fellow citizens.

    But poor enforcement of privacy-protection laws, and tens of thousands of trained intelligence and law enforcement professionals willing to sell their services to the highest bidder, make a mockery of Ukraine’s highest law, security industry workers said.

    That, in turn, provides the world with a glimpse into what investigators can find out if they are given relatively free rein and hints at the reach investigators can take, even in the West, if they choose to ignore certain laws. […]

    A quick survey of Ukrainian detective agencies […] offered plenty of ways to dig into others’ secrets: discreet surveillance of a potentially wayward spouse, lie detector tests of possibly dishonest employees, and GPS tracking of an expensive corporate automobile. […]

    Ukrainian state agencies and organisations are obliged to keep some form of tab on individuals creating a dizzying array of information, usually available nearby. A person’s place of residence must be noted by the local police, his full health history (including illnesses, treatments, and medical procedures) at the neighbourhood clinic; and his work record at the district labour board.

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