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    Dow Jones Newswires: Facebook Bolsters D.C. Presence As Privacy Debate Heats Up

    Dow Jones Newswires reports on moves by social-networking site Facebook amid controversy over its changes to the site’s privacy settings and recent privacy problems.

    The furor over privacy policies at Facebook Inc. is prompting the social network to bolster its presence in Washington as it prepares to defend itself against Congress and federal regulators.

    But Palo Alto, Calif.-based Facebook on moved Monday to tamp down speculation that former Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris had joined the social network to defend its privacy practices. The speculation stemmed from a Financial Times report stating that Facebook had hired Muris.

    “There have been some reports that Tim Muris has joined Facebook. Muris has not joined Facebook,” the company said.

    A source familiar with the situation noted that Facebook seeks advice from a wide range of consultants, leaving open the possibility the company may be have contracted Muris as a consultant or outside attorney. […]

    The controversy over Facebook’s privacy practices comes as the company is expected to soon add a new feature that would let its users reveal their location in their status updates. Reports suggest the aim is to allow marketers and businesses to promote themselves in users’ posts.

    But Kurt Opsahl, staff attorney at digital rights advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation, said adding a location function would increase the number of privacy controls that users would have to manage.

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