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    Des Moines Register: FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group before GOP convention

    I have written before about attempts by the FBI to infiltrate 2004 Republican National Convention protesters in New York and the publicly condemned domestic surveillance program, COINTELPRO. Now, the Des Moines Register reports the FBI infiltrated an Iowa anti-war group before last year’s Republican National Convention in Minnesota.

    An FBI informant and an undercover Minnesota sheriff’s deputy spied on political activists in Iowa City last year before the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

    Confidential FBI documents obtained by The Des Moines Register show an FBI informant was planted among a group described as an “anarchist collective” that met regularly last year in Iowa City. One of the group’s goals was to organize street blockades to disrupt the Republican convention, held Sept. 1-4, 2008, where U.S. Sen. John McCain was nominated for president. […]

    The FBI documents provide in-depth descriptions of more than a dozen Iowa political activists. This includes personal information such as names, height, weight, place of employment, cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The documents also include individuals’ plans for the convention demonstrations. […]

    Russell Porter, director of the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence Bureau, declined to comment specifically on whether law enforcement officers monitored Iowa political activists who planned protests at the Republican National Convention.

    But, he added, “If people are planning criminal activity, we would be interested in having people report that information to us and share that with us.”

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