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    Couple Secretly Videotaped Having Sex In Their Own Bedroom

    A female couple is having sex in their own bedroom in a college dormitory. Neighbors in a building across the alley see the activities and videotape the couple. Then they post the video online. What happens? The perpetrators blame the victims.

    According to the Boston Globe, one of the men, David Siemiesz, “said the women should have drawn their shades and turned off their lights.” The direct quote: “This all would have never happened if their windows were closed,” Siemiesz said. He also said, “I didn’t feel like a creep […] I didn’t feel like a Peeping Tom. I felt like this type of thing happens a lot.”

    One of the victims saw the video. “As she watched, she said, she could hear the men remarking on her body and chanting antigay slurs.”

    The story gets worse. “Boston police had sought a misdemeanor complaint with the court, charging the men videotaping a person who is nude or partially nude without knowledge or consent. The charge carries a punishment of up to 2 1/2 years in a county house of correction.”

    However, the court will wait for a university investigation to finish “before deciding whether to issue a criminal complaint against David Cunha and David Siemiesz, the two Wentworth juniors whom Boston police have identified as the men who videotaped the encounter.”

    These women suffered a hideous invasion. The court should not take its cues from a university but should do its duty, investigate and prosecute. You can vent in the comments.

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