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    Contra Costa Times: Girl Suspended for Videotaping Unruly Class

    The Contra Costa Times reports that a high school girl in California was suspected after she videotaped her class on a cell phone. The girl was upset that the class was loud and unruly.

    By May 15, with less than a month left in the school year, the classroom atmosphere had not improved, [parent Allison ]Moore said. That morning, when students flicked the lights on and off and began a paper ball fight with no intervention by their teacher, Moore’s daughter caught the chaos on video with her cell phone.

    A friend of Moore’s anonymously sent the video to Dick Nicoll, interim superintendent of the Mt. Diablo school district. The following week, the school suspended Moore’s daughter for two days after she admitted she had taped the class without permission, a violation of the state Education Code.[…]

    Student Services Director Margot Tobias upheld the suspension, and Moore has appealed to the assistant superintendent.

    “She may have felt that her purpose was valid,” Tobias wrote about the taping, “but as a result the privacy rights of all involved were violated.”

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