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    Computerworld: The best privacy advisers in 2008

    Computerworld has a survey of the best privacy advisers in 2008. Other findings from the survey are interesting, as well.

    The most remarkable finding was that 31% of companies said they’re planning to increase their 2009 budgets for outside privacy advice, despite the stock market implosion and U.S. recession that unfolded before the survey. Only 13% said they were decreasing their budgets. […]

    A third surprise was who topped the consulting charts. We went back and re-examined the data on this one to detect any fundamental bias or flawed methodology. But out of 684 tallies, our pollster reported that the Big Four firms fared the same as niche consultants Rebecca Herold & Associates and Corporate Privacy Group (CPG) among companies earning more than $1.6 billion per year, the current minimum to rank in the Fortune 1,000. […]

    I noted a significant increase in the level of European participation in the survey, matching the total for the U.S. Midwest region. Of the Europeans, nearly all were votes by and for U.K.-based firms.

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