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    Computerworld Hong Kong: HK Govt: cross-border use of smart card has no privacy issue

    Computerworld Hong Kong reports on a privacy controversy concerning the use of smart cards.

    Users of the two-chip smart card to be introduced later this year for use in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen don’t have to worry about personal data leakage, said KC Chan, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Wednesday at the Legislative Council.

    “The card readers only capture transaction related information, including the date and time of the transaction, the identity of the relevant service provider, the transaction value, the remaining balance on the card and the card number,” said Chan. “No personal data of the cardholder is involved in the process. As a result, personal data won’t be leaked through cross-boundary card readers.”

    Asked if the Secretary for Justice and the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data were consulted on the use of electronic money in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Chan said that there is no need to do such consultation. “As long as the ultimate proposal adopted complies with the relevant laws and regulations of both cities, it can start operation,” said Chan.

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