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    « Home LinkedIn Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know has an interesting story on LinkedIn, a social-networking site people use for business connections. The story addresses the privacy problems that can come from leaving default settings in place on a Web site.

    Since LinkedIn doesn’t require you to share the same types of personal information as you do on Facebook, the service’s privacy settings appear to be much more straightforward than its less business-oriented competitor. But if you leave the default settings in place, you might be surprised to know what information you make public on LinkedIn.

    In fact, I’ve received several e-mails from readers who said they were solicited for products or irrelevant jobs on the service. In each case, they had no idea how the person found them (and didn’t appreciate the spam for that matter).

    How private you decide to make your LinkedIn information will affect the inquiries you receive for job opportunities as well as, in some cases, the amount of information you’re able to find about others. 

    Go to the article for step-by-step instructions on how to protect your privacy on LinkedIn and consider reviewing the privacy settings for any Web site that you use.

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