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    Chicago Bar-Tender: Lawsuit: Baby monitor invades privacy

    Chicago Bar-Tender reports on an interesting lawsuit:

    A man is suing in a class action complaint filed today after he discovered that he could see and hear into neighbors’ homes, and vice versa, by way of a common baby monitor.

    Wes Denkov says that six months after he purchased the “Summer Day and Night Video Monitor” to monitor his infant son, his next door neighbor and parent of newborn twins informed him that the video and audio from Denkov’s monitor was being received on the neighbor’s monitor. […]

    Denkov then called the customer service line of the manufacturer, Summer Infant, and was told that the product was not malfunctioning and he should purchase the more expensive model because it’s more secure, the complaint states.

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    2. Baby Says:

      One of the primary complaints with the baby monitor is interference. This is the danger with any sort of transmitting device, like a cell phone, cordless phone, pager or wireless internet connection. Cell phones, appliances, radios and fluorescent lights can all possibly interfere with a new baby infant monitor, causing fuzzy reception and strange voices to transmit through the receiver. Even video monitors can suffer poor reception, so it’s important that a monitor is selected that operates on different frequencies. (For instance, a 2.4 GHz monitor and a 2.4 GHz cordless phone may interfere). If the next door neighbors are also monitoring a baby, then digital baby monitors will ensure the neighbors aren’t listening in to your house.

    3. Baby Says:

      Video baby monitors are not merely a trend. Most mothers have found it to be convenient and a valuable child-rearing device. If you’re a mother or a mother-to-be, It’s high time you chose the right video baby monitor now.

    4. Jamie Larson Says:

      Wow, that’s shocking. How can a baby monitor be used to invade privacy? Just goes to show, the police/government have their big brother eye on everyone. Video baby monitors are the way to go at least they cant hack into those.

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